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A short one...

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Sorry for not posting for a couple days, work and life in general have been kicking my ass, so not much development has been getting done on FoT, but what I did do is pretty cool IMO. This is going to be quite the short entry, so hopefully the screenys will make it worthwhile....

Yep, whats a zombie game without a shotgun. In FoT it's actually a "flechette gun", but it pretty much acts like a shotgun. In this "action shot" below, you can see me firing the shotgun (notice the intricate lighting on the player from the muzzle flash)

Note the HUD at the top of the screen (doesn't work yet, but looks cool)

Teh Console!
Well, one of the downsides to random level generation is that in order to test some things you have to generate a map over and over again until you get one that generated the thing you want to test. Now this could be solved with some hardcoding, but as past experiences of mine show, that code often becomes intertwined with stuff and never comes out. Solution: Make a good old fashion text console you can input commands to! So today I implemented the display portion of the console. You can type things into it, and other objects can make "announcements" that are displayed (ie. when a Zombie Rat is spawned it announces it). Tomorrow I plan on making the command functionality work, which will let me manipulate the level without having to hope the level generates the right way. Besides, it also looks really cool[grin]

Well, I've got to go to sleep now, I'm taking Mark soaring tomorrow morning, so maybe he'll take some piktarz we can show you guys. Peace Out!
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Its looking very nice, im loving the flash from the end of the gun and lighting on the character..

and also, this may seem like a newbie question but i was wondering how to create a console. Like what is it made of?

sorry for the broad weird question but im not sure how to ask it. Basically im wondering are you just adding text to a list or something and displaying it with an increase in y position every time?

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About the "hoping for random level to appear in a workable state" thing, wouldn't it not be easier to temporarly swap out the Random Number Generator for a Pseudo Random Number Generator and simply test a couple of seeds and if you get it right store the seed. And when you want to test it again, simply re-enter the seed?

It may even be that you are already using a PRNG (such as the standard rand).

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Looks impressive. Not much else to say :D

Are you going to have any "hitscan" weapons? Or will they all have true bullets with movement iterated over time?

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@Swattkidd - Thanks, Mark was pretty proud of the flash[grin] As for the console, you pretty much have the right idea. All I'm doing is having a vector of strings, and whenever I want to add something to the console, I push_back the new string onto the vector, and then draw them in reverse order while adding about 16 pixels of yposition on every iteration. That part is relatively easy, but making it understand commands, that's what tonight journal entry is going to be about[wink]

@mldaalder - Thats true, I could use PRNG (actually I already am, srand FTW!), but the amount of time used to find out what the right seed is was taking a very long time, and besides, the console is a much cooler solution IMO!

@Dragon88 - Thanks! We're going to have some hitscan weapons and quite a few melee ones as well. A big thing we want to do is to have a bunch of secret weapons that people will recognize from other games and have a little chuckle (A Zorcher from Chex Quest anyone?[wink])

Thanks for all the comments guys!

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Cool console. I did a similar thing a while ago for a tiny rpg demo, it ended up being prety cool and was really easy to extend thanks to a RegisterFunction function.

Anyway consoles are always a handy thing to have lying around! :+D

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