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Yet Another Project

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OK well I'll start off with the standard apology for stopping work on Doom.Net. It's not dead though, I'll probably continue on the current version once school starts. In case you guys haven't noticed, Doom.Net can't die.

Anyway new project is modeled after X-COM: UFO Defense / Enemy Unknown. Basically low-resolution 2:1 isometric with cells containing floor tiles and "west" and "south" walls. I'm not sure what the story will be, but I'm trying to avoid aliens as I don't want it to be a direct copy of X-COM.

Anyway here's a shot of the map editor using X-COMs art as temporary placement art. It's still very new, I still need to add menus, but the basic editing functions work. Also the game uses my volume texture atlas code, so the whole scene is drawn in a single DrawIndexedUserPrimitives call.

Yeah I called it "Escalation" like my last project, but I'd like something else. I'd ask for recommendations, but it might be a little hard with no story or setting.
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Waffles Are Delicious
Kill Shit 2: Electric Boogaloo
My God It's Full Of 3/4 Perspective Pixels
Snatch The Pebble From My Hand
Goats vs. Wallets: 2007

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I really like Kill Shit 2: Electric Boogaloo, it says exactly what the game is about, contains obscenities and has a certain comic effect.

However waffles are delicious, but not as delicious as pancakes. Maybe Waffles Are Delicious could be the first game and the sequel could be called Pancakes Are More Delicious.

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