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Screenshot?!? wtf?

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My social calendar was free for once this Saturday, allowing some Moe work (after obliterating a guy with 5(!) Scathises). I wanted to do a little more screenshot worthy work, mainly due to journal jealousy [grin]. Unfortunately it was one of those things were you figure it would take maybe 40 mins of work, find a bug which leads to something odd, which leads to things not working the way you'd quite like... 6 hours later you finish, even though it's still not quite what you imagined. Then the screenshot mechanism is broken!

Either way, I added a test unit layer and prototyped the layout for the Tile detail widget. The UI now takes like 5 minutes to load because of some gnarly interaction between the layout stuff and the font auto-sizer causing the re-sizing on the lowest level widgets to be run about 130,000 times per widget whenever I resize the main UI control. I'll track that down.... later. For now, screenshot!

The green is just to help show the shading. The black box in the summary will eventually have a detailed view of the tile. The text on the left (Details, Projects, etc) are for button controls, and all the summary text is placeholder. (and don't pay attention to the FPS display, the screenshot mechanism spikes it)

Full Size (1680x1050)

[edit: actually it looks like it's not any interaction problem at all. The resizing font stuff runs 10 times and takes less than half a second... The TableLayout controls just have a really, really inefficient design and if they're nested even a little bit, things get out of control.]
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