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  • Quaternion::lookAt method implemented; now you can create a look-at quaternion that you can slerp NPCs towards to have them roll towards you and have you murdered. Might break physics, but that needs to be broken. Will implement the Brain::goToLocation method eventually.
  • Coded myself into a corner regarding projectile creation and programming... I'll have to clear that up before I do much else.
  • Screen shake implemented (using a Lissajous curve) but it looks very ugly and will need some more work.

Propane Injector

  • Pushed out another SVN beta, adding proper UI support, cleaner math classes, full shader and FBO support and a prototypical VBO.
  • Backported the Quaternion methods from Novarunner.
  • Added the Game class, which adds an XNA-style framework that you can "plug" game processing modules into and out of. It's sort of like a lighter weight version of Enginuity's kernel concept, albeit with multiple "buckets" for modules (modules can run concurrently or simultaneously).


  • Working on a scene manager, which will have support for depth-sorted buckets, named references, and hierarchical culling.
  • Working on the Sprite class, which lets users make animations from multiple image files or any number of sprite sheets. Animation frames can be pulled from any known sprite sheet in the database, so one animation can call upon multiple sprite sheets for its contents. Vaguely inspired by the one in Stick Soldiers III, but much shorter thanks to the joys of System.Xml.Serialization.

Screenshots? Hmmm... let's see if I have one of those in my bag of tricks.
No, that wasn't it. Maybe this one?
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<std. gamedev response>
It will take millions of dollars, 2 billion years and the google skills of jeebus to make a MMORPG. Start with something simpler like browsing for porn and not getting caught by your mom.
</std. gamedev response>

I love that flowchart. Especially the spelling. It adds that required authentic touch.

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