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Journal closure

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I know I had said I'd "clolose" my journal when mithrandir gets laid... well, he's still a virgin, but I have to close my journal now.

I don't think anyone would really miss it because I didn't really post anything development related anyway. I'll probably make myself a blog elsewhere.

So I just canceled my GDNet+ membership, and while doing so convinced mithrandir to cancel his as well. It's really not worth getting it.
Back then, there were people running gamedev whom I liked and I wanted to support. Now, unfortunately, they're all gone and the site is being operated by a... different style of people.
I figured if I wanted to support some mentally delayed people, I'd be much better off donating to charity instead of giving money here.

Anyway, I still have a few more months of my subscription (paid for a whole year), so it's not like I'm completely "gone".

Also, what the hell is this with paypal not having a section for listing your subscriptions? I had to go through the history for a while trying to find the payment to gamedev, just to get a link to the subscription plan.

Oh, here is one last gift for you guys:
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