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Die Die Die!

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Hahahah! I (mistakenly) found the bug. I was being bitten by the 'being a listener of an event is sufficient to keep something from being garbage collected' oopsie. Not a few TiedRects were being orphaned by the TableLayouts when re-configured, but were still listening to what they were tied to...

Thus a near-root rect change propagated down a bunch of events to things that weren't even being used by UI objects anymore (and all their children and so on). The main game UI now loads and does auto-layout in about 5 seconds rather than 5 minutes.

Those things are particularly difficult to track down by the way. It shouldn't be an error or warning even because such behavior is super-useful for functors, but it'd be nice if some annotation or something could disable the checking for those functor classes. Prolly some profiler or something does it already and I'm just ignorant of it. Alas...

In other news, caramel filled hershey's kisses are superb. Next on the docket, a bag of dark chocolate kisses. I have high expectations (for once).
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