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Made some AI fixes today, to fix the enemy fleeing behavior.

The enemies would realize that their health had dropped below a certain percentage threshold, and then keep fleeing the player, and attempted to keep away from his line of fire.

Now that the skills are working properly, the enemies eventually heal completely if not taking damage, so I added code to detect when the enemy has healed to at least 20% above his fleeing threshold, and then will resume fighting.

I also d/l the latest beta of TextureMaker, a great texture creation tool that automatically makes tiled textures. Thought I'd show off my two latest creations, made from a brick and tile patterns, and improved with the Shelly Erosion, the Granitize Variate function, and the Texturizer, using a Green Stone texture as a source.

Also made a few small lighting fixes to entites, by having their rim lighting turned down with the per-object ambient occlusion term. I'm thinking about doing a per-vertex ambient occlusion as well as a preprocess on my meshes. It may flesh out the creatures a bit more, and also would help make things like the inside of an urn look dark.
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I don't know if you've ever played the demo of my game CellZenith. I just thought it was funny that my AI works exactly the same way - with entities fleeing as soon as they go below X% health. Of course, fleeing isn't nearly so intelligent in my game; it's basically just generation of random paths.

Just thought I'd say good work. I've been checking on this journal for a very long time now.

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