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Few things to report today.

Firstly, I'm back to trying Firefox since GameDev is getting unusably slow for me at the moment. I'm trying Adblock and the advice in one of the Comments and Suggestions threads to see if it improves. I really hope it does since it is getting silly.

Secondly, just been phoned up and offered an interview on Thursday for an office manager job. I know the guy interviewing a little bit so have a good idea what he is looking for so hopefully this will go better than the last few.

Lastly, I'm constantly impressed with .NET. I've just discovered that if you create bitmaps with a 32bpp format including 8 bit alpha, the alpha works for translucency when using Graphics.DrawImage() which I think rocks.

I won't bore you with the current application, but by loading an arbitrary image from file (anything supported by the Bitmap constructor), creating an equal sized Bitmap object with the specific pixel format, using a Graphics to copy the loaded image, then using LockPixels (or whatever), I can do some very groovy stuff indeed.

Happy days. Now then, let's see how long this takes to post with Firefox...

[Edit] A very, very long time. As in, go away and make a cup of coffee while you wait kind of time.
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I'm getting the same - takes forever to load from the front page into the developer journals section. I'm in the UK too so is it specific or is it generally happening across the site regardless of where you sit in the world?

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Now 7:43am here and the site is fast as mustard, with IE7 again.

This happened earlier in the year and seems to be related to the time of day that I use the site, which suggests to me it is related to the number of users on the site. Just a guess, since I'm no expert on this sort of thing.

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