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Run crab boy, RUN!

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Click here to download 'hungrysheep-4.avi' [avi divx](~1.2mb)

Yea that's right, you better run crab boy.

Fear was fun to implement and works pretty great so I'm pleased. I need to make it so that the crabs don't walk into each other which I'm guessing will be a pain.

Currently they cheat because they have infinite stamina and can run forever ( though they run slightly slower then you) I'm undecided as to how to make them 'better' but I might implement stamina for them and see what happens - also same for the guy that chases you.

Anyway its beginning to look pretty complete gameplay wise :D

And yes there is a good reason why this sheep likes to eat crabs...
It just isn't coming to me yet.
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