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New job

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I've done some DB work tonight - reinstated a couple of optimizations that got lost around the attack in February, plus defragging a bunch of indices and cleaning up some BanMan data. I think the site feels faster but I'll see how it feels in the morning.

On an unrelated note, I started a new job today: I'm a process engineer at NaturalMotion (in Oxford, UK). It's a fun job: my assignment is basically "find ways to make everyone's working practices more efficient." The focus is obviously on technological solutions, so I'll be doing a fair amount of integrating tools with each other, continuous build systems, automated documentation, etc. I enjoy that kind of active problem-solving, especially when my solutions have the potential to affect the company from the developers all the way up to the CEO.
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Fingers crossed for the DB [grin]

Congrats on the job - I'm desperately trying to get some process and practice into my day-job. Hence my recent journal post. We've got an entire team at FS integrating all the tools (work tracking, version control, build tools, comms, docs) together - if only it were already finished so I could use it [headshake].

If you missed it, ensure you read through this link that ET3D posted. Still haven't stopped laughing at some of those - especially given that a lot of them seem eerily familiar to me...


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For more efficent workplace practices, I recommend having a fat, bald shirtless guy at one end of the office constantly hitting drums that the developers can pace themselves by. When crunch time hits you can then easily crank it up to "ramming speed". Whips are optional.

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Original post by phantom
So, if by some act of god I do get a job there it'll be you I can blame for working practises sucking? excellent, excellent... [grin]

I thought I saw Natural Motion mentioned in another journal. Good luck with that, and congrats on the job Rich. The site does indeed feel faster to me now. Pats on the back and a cookie for you!

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