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On interesting web 2.0 research

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We have a fairly strong research team at Endeca, and as part of that we occasionally have speakers on various topics. Last week we had a PhD student from MIT (David Huynh) give a talk on reusing data on the web - it was really very interesting.

I would encourage anybody interested in web 2.0 to take a look at some of the stuff the SIMILE team at MIT has been working on:

Exhibit - makes it very easy for non-programmers to take data in a variety of formats and publish it to the web in useful ways

Potluck - Doesn't seem to be available for use yet, but as this screencast shows how you can take any number of Exhibit applications from anywhere on the web and create a mashup on the fly

Sifter - Plugin for Firefox that can add modify websites in place to add faceted browsing.
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