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Bills, boards and fonts, oh my

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Ok, some Things have happened even though I haven't updated. Didn't get much done during the Midsummer weekend of course, but before and after, yes.

I decided to scratch FBO support for at least the development snapshot, since I won't be implementing deferred rendering, at least not yet, and I don't have other needs for texture render targets at the moment. I'll probably release the development snapshot Really Soon. Maybe next week.

There's now a RenderTask, which automatically renders a World on each engine tick, and automatic refreshing for Window objects (using a hidden task, of course). As a consequence, I added a new "finish" phase after the "output" phase. In the future, I might also need a "prepare" phase before the "input" phase, but I didn't add one yet since I have no need for it at the moment. I won't be going the way of "oh, this might be useful at some point in the future, maybe, I'll add it" this time. Remember that phases are fully customizable by the developer using Spineless Jelly, so it's only a trivial problem if someone needs a phase which isn't there by default.

I removed the reference from engine core to the task module by adding a tick signal, listened to by the task module, and triggering that instead of directly updating tasks. Scene rendering works better too, and transparent rendering is implemented in theory, but not really tested. Also, a lot of smaller changes as usual.

I actually started on the game project now. Of course I immediately hit a roadblock, since the engine doesn't have billboarding and font rendering in yet, so those two are next on my todo list.

And finally, my web host is doing maintenance on the database server, and as a result, the Spineless Jelly web site is showing a stupid Drupal database error page. I hope they'll make the error page a bit... more sane in Drupal 6.

EDIT 3: The site is finally back!

EDIT 2: They're working on the issue, so the site should be back soon.

EDIT: I also promise at least some kind of a screenshot for the next journal update, fancy or not. [grin]
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