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Not far to go.

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Click here to download 'hungrysheep-5.avi' [avi divx](~1.5mb)

The gameplay is even closer to getting done now. The crabs now move away from each other so overlapping crabs happens less, I'm still playing around with how I want them to react but the movie gives a good over view of what to expect. Also I implemented stamina for the crabs but for some reason they are proving even harder to catch so that needs tweaking a bit.

Apart from that I also made it so the leaders standout (they grow in size and are slightly darker) and it also dynamically creates leaders so that's cool. Also added cloud shadow but I don't know about it I'm still trying it make it look right with all the other stuff.
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Downloading your little movies everyday has become a habit; so you can't stop doing it now :-) It's been interesting watching how the game has developed over the past few days.

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