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More Progress!

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Well, it still doesn't read from a directory at runtime, but it is definetly progress. The dialog works great, and loads the levels as intended. Once I get boost working, the loading system will be complete.

On a side note, I'm glad I regularly play through the game to catch bugs[lol]:
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That's the plan, but I haven't been able to get boost working. I'll have another try at it tomorrow, because if I can get the boost filesystem library working in my project, than reading in the contents of the level directory will be really easy.

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Yeah, I tried for about 2 hours to compile the .libs for Boost::Filesystem, and I finally gave up, so if you manage to get everything working you should let me know[grin]

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That's odd, I never had any problem with compiling Boost.

For example, their latest release, I put the boost_1_34_0 and the boost-jam-3.1.14-1-ntx86 directories in the same directory (in my case E:\)
Then I went through the command line to boost_1_34_0 and typed:
..\boost-j <tab> \bjam --toolset=msvc stage

I know that isn't the proper thing to do, I think. But it works.
Btw, the <tab> means that I pressed "Tab" there. It does autocomplete for you (tab again to see more results, but in my case one was enough). This way, the starting directory is the boost dir, and bjam will see the boost bjam file(s).

The only thing I haven't managed to get to work is the Serialization library.
Not even the examples compile.
Also, I never had to do anything with the lib files, I didn't even have to #pragma lib them (or add them to the linker arguments). Boost does that all for me. ^_^
I wish Loki would do that...

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When I built the filesystem library with bjam, the lib files that were produced were not the ones I needed. I needed the lib file for a Multithreaded DLL Debug program. Even after installing the pre-built libraries, I was still getting errors because my lib files began with "boost" when it was looking for a lib file that began with "libboost". So, I renamed the filesystem lib file to begin with "libboost", and now it works.

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