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Finally, the book is done!

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I just sent off 11 zip files totalling 27.5mb to Wolfgang Engel as the final copy of my section of the "Programming Vertex, Geometry and Pixel Shaders" book.

Editing would appear to have added 2,564 words to the original draft, meaning it'll be around 120 printed pages I imagine.

I suppose I should be happy about it, and in a way I am - but mostly because it's out of my life (for now). Done and dusted. But in truth, I'm not sure quite what I think - it's like a battle in my head right now: one half says I could and should have done better, the other says that I did the best I could with the time I had available.

Especially in the editing phase I realised there were a few bits that weren't explained as well as they should be and that really required much more work to do them justice. I cut several parts that, in retrospect, were 1/2 baked and malformed - but now I'm unsure as to whether NOTHING is better than SOMETHING.

Anyway, provided nothing else comes up the proverbial ball is in their proverbial court and what's done is done. Guess I shouldn't lose sleep over it [oh]
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