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I worked quite a bit on things with little progress it seems today. I was kind of bouncing all over the place however working on different things. The main thing that I did today was embed python and started working on producing a host api for me engine. I'm not really sure if this is the path that I really want to take though for scripting. The more I work on it and get into the more I realize that there is a great deal of overhead involved with working with python inside of the engine environment. It would almost seem easier to write a more simple implementation of a scripting language, one that simply runs through the engine itself. I suppose I'll make a final decision on that over the next couple of weeks as I develop it more.

I also screwed around with the GUI class some, but my initial approach for inheriting from my quad class and my command console class for my textbox didn't turn out how I had initially planned it would. Essentially the problem lies in the drawing functionality as well as the keyboard handling specifically written for the command console(which I was initially trying to inherit for the textbox). I think that because of the way the console class is written, it may just be better to start a new class for the remaining GUI to build off of, this too will have to wait until tomorrow however.

So, today I'm reminded that if you spend time away from a project, it can be a real nightmare to try and come back too and get anything of value accomplished. I worked on the engine at least for eight hours today and maybe made three hours worth of progress. It's better then nothing though, right??
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