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Oh yea Physics time!!!

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takingsometime I owe him a beer sometime, if I ever get to Austraila. Thanks a million for him helping me out with my 3rd person camera issues. Now that I have the camera done, my player object is moving correctly and collisions work like they should. Now I have to smooth things out a bit.

After that I am onto Physics for the car. Acceleration, deceleration, ect... I hope this turns out to be fun, and not a nightmare! :(

Once this is all finished up I for the most part will have a playable version of the game idea, and just need to start adding in items into the game. I hope to have this first game of mine wrapped up by winter time, and at that time make my mapeditor for this/future games. The girlfriend was excited to see the game in action, for she is a console gamer "UGH" where I am a PC Gamer. So that makes for interesting conversation. :)

I am looking at sometime by years end or next spring getting another Mac again, I have been without one for years now. OSX.5 looks good, and with the new versions of the Mac with EA throwing int here support for games, I hope Mac gaming takes off somewhat... Back when I was on Mac G4/G5 10.3 days I really hated how the games just weren't there.

Anyway code time....
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