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Two things

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First off, somebody managed to launch all of the rockets in Countdown Dice, a feat that I thought was nigh-impossible. To see the playback, check the top score for June 26 in the high score table.

I was thinking of making an award for launching all the rockets, but I thought there was no point. Now I see that it might be necessary.

Edit: Shelly insists that the person cheated. It is theoretically possible to cheat at the game, so it's a possibility

Second, it looks like Microsoft refilled the prizes at club.live.com a day after I settled for some second-tier stuff. Drat.

I was just playing it safe. I'd been involved in stuff like that before (specifically freebie.com), and I ended up with a ton of points but nothing to spend 'em on. Worried that I was gonna have to settle for a ton of ringtones or some crap like that, I grabbed the headphones.

But now the wireless Xbox controller is back. So I've gotta get my score back up.

The Vista Ultimate and Office 2007 aren't back, but that doesn't surprise me. They seemed a bit cheap points-wise. Assuming a point is worth one cent (which appears to be about its value in the prize-pool), Vista Ultimate and Office 2007 were selling for about 1/3 of their retail value. I was wondering if they were gonna bring 'em back at a higher price, but that'd probably bug people, so they got rid of 'em.

I already got Vista anyway, so it doesn't bother me. I do, however, need another one of those wireless controllers.
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I spent some time to create an account on the MS game service. I spent some time to play. Then I realized that the game was not supposed to be played by customers outside the US - I mean, there is no reward for these players.

Made me sick.

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I got my two controllers in yesterday. (Bringing me up to three wireless, one wired for the 360.) Thanks for pointing this out. You saved me $80. :)

I missed out on getting Vista, so I think I'm gonna see if I can make enough points to get a Zune for my wife.

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Dang, you're hardcore. The Zune and/or Xbox weren't even on my radar, given that you have to play around a thousand games to get 'em. Good luck.

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