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It's physics, Jim, but not as me know it

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I said last time I was working on something a bit cool, and here it is [grin]

XNA Managed Physics Library Initial Test 01XNA Managed Physics Library Initial Test 02XNA Managed Physics Library Initial Test 03
XNA Managed Physics Library Initial Test 04XNA Managed Physics Library Initial Test 05XNA Managed Physics Library Initial Test 06

About a month ago, Tokamak went open source. I had commented in the GDNet news post how nice it would be if somebody ported it so it was completely managed. Well, I decided to be that somebody [wink]

The library is 100% Managed Code and tied quite tightly to the XNA Framework (for all the various Vector structures etc.) so it should run on Xbox 360 with absolutely no problems. I'm sure I'll find out if that is the case if/when I get myself creator's club subscription [smile]

When porting I actually made a massive amount of progress in a matter of days, but, for what seems like forever now, I have been removing the bugs I introduced in that initial coding burst [sad]

The last major bug was causing bodies to sink into each other, but not all the time. And, due to floating point precision, tracing the bug by running identical scenes in native and managed was proving difficult. Long story cut short, I found the problem and now it runs great [cool]

So far all I have put in are boxes (static and dynamic) but I should be able to put in the various other rigid body types that Tokamak supports within, literally, a few minutes if I wanted [wink]

Support for Heightmaps and Joints may be a bit trickier but it is on my todo list for the near future.

Nearly forgot, I also put up a
">video on YouTube (cause stills don't do it justice) [wink]

All the best,
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Nicely done. Care to make a post going over the details of porting to .NET? Pitfalls and lessons learned? And another as an overview of what to expect from Tokamak too please. :)

Awesome layout too. I might be a second one to steal it and modify the colors.

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Thanks very much [smile]

I will definitely do some sort of write-up on the nightmares I encountered when porting from C++ to C# some time, but not just yet. As for what Tokamak has to offer, I'm not all that sure about that myself [lol]

Really, all I've done with it is stack some stuff and knock it down again [grin] I haven't even touched on the joints or heightmaps yet. I would however absolutely love to extend Tokamak's features in the managed version if/when I have the time and ability to do so [smile]

As for the CSS theme, feel free to help yourself [cool]


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Sweet bleepers, looks awsome!

What about a SlimDX version (shouldn't be that hard to do, I hope)?

[EDIT] Also, watch out for the rising tides.

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Thanks guys, I'll probably put in other body types today and maybe post more screenshots if they are sufficiently cool to warrant another entry [smile]
Original post by sirob
What about a SlimDX version (shouldn't be that hard to do, I hope)?
It wouldn't be that hard, but I don't really see the point in doing it [smile]

There are much much much better alternatives when developing with Managed DirectX on the PC and the best of them (imo) is Jason Zelsnack's PhysX Wrapper

Original post by Emmanuel Deloget
where is the damn source code? [smile]
On my damn hard-drive, where it will be remaining until it is finished [grin]
I haven't exactly decided if I want to open-source it yet as I have written it for a very specific project I am working on. I probably will when that project is done though ...I'll see [smile]


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