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almost done, almost

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Wow, its been 6 months since my last post? Time goes like woah.

Been working on/off on Pipe Mania, yes I changed the name again D: and its slowly starting to take shape. I got some help with level creation, and as a result I have now 109 levels in the game currently, but it should be more like 100 as I will be removing a few since some just plain suck.

I also recoded a large portion of the game since I was a noob, and this is my first project it got really messy lately. Its approaching 9,000 lines...I never thought a casual game can have that much dam code.

The game will have at least 2 modes in the final version. Puzzle Mode and Career Mode. The puzzle mode is 100% done minus level testing, and the career mode framework is done. In career mode, you will buy pipe pieces to complete the levels and earn money to buy more pipes as you go. I cant think of any other structure for it then that.

I just kinda wanna get this game done already, its been 11 long months. I guess for one dude working on his first project its not that bad. I am pretty sure im gonna do direct sales on and license it to whatever portal may want to sell it.

I hope to post again SOON, next time with the offical demo release ;)
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