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ARE YOU READY FOR SOME BLOCK-ON-BLOCK action?! WELL GET READY FOR BLOCKS GONE WILD! as these hot young blocks take everything off, we don't know what to expect!

IOTD Link (so that I don't have to update in two spots.)

It's funny; I've attempted a Tetris clone so many times and I barely got started before I said "damn, I don't get this" or something, and gave up. Today I sat down and had the basics working in less than an hour (I had to go to work afterwards.) Once I got back home, I sat down, got the logic working, and had it finished in abour 3 hours total. Then I spent a little while polishing it up (mostly cleaning up the source code. Originally it was in 3 files; now its in 7.) Long story short: Tetris clones are easy lol.

Work is keeping me quite busy. I've been working since last Saturday and I'm working until Sunday. I get Monday off and then I work until Saturday. At least the money will be nice.

I'll get back to Invasion sometime.


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