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Judging from my closed bug list, the last few days I've been working on quests and some other gameplay stuff which I find highly erotic fascinating.

I've also been pretty busy outside of the game, but that might change pretty soon; I should have some more time to work on the game, which coincides perfectly with the journal commentators' attitudes of "stop working on the fiddly engine bits god dammit and get a game running" so far. And I totally agree.

My next goal is to get weapons firing! Really! I'm busy figuring out the best way to hook the actor's input message response into the game world's projectile sets. In Glow, this was a hack. I'd like to do it nicer here.

Also, I'd like to add mining into the game, since that was really cool in the second Sunrise prototype.

Offtopic: I'm getting sick of wearing other companies' lame t-shirts. Would anyone here buy one of a series of Ravuya-themed t-shirts if I slapped them up on Cafepress or something similar? I want to hurt my coworkers' brains.
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Do you have any logs of that discussion we had the day I came up with the t-shirt idea?

I'd have some, but I never keep logs of our conversations for obvious reasons.

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I'd buy a rav shirt or two. My current work environment is 1000% more casual than where I worked for before, and I seem to be the only employee without an endless supply of witty t-shirts.

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