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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lapse in updates, I've been pretty busy working on FoT, and by the time I'm ready to write an update, I fall asleep[grin]

Console Pt. II
In my last entry I showed you guys my console system. The system you see in that entry wasn't actually doing anything, it merely let you type things into it, and displayed messages. Well, now it can actually interpret commands you give it, and then execute them. It's a pretty simple system, I have a function called "DissectString()" that splits up a string into components, based on where the commas are. For example, if I passed the string "AddGameObject,100,150" it would spit out three strings, "AddGameObject", "100", and "150". Once the command is dissected, it is analyzed piece by piece, to determine the correct course of action. I've been adding commands as I need them, but the most handy command by far is the "AddGameObject" command, which allows me to spawn anything in the game at the position of my choosing. Here's the new console (pretty much the same thing, but look, a Shotgun pickup at (100,100) wierd[wink])

We want this game to have a simple inventory, where you can equip things and use items you've picked up, such as medkits. I coded up an inventory menu, and Mark has been slowly drawing the icons for all the items you can pick up. As you can see, we've also added a new weapon to the game, the SMG, but we'll talk about that later.... Right now, the items lack their descriptions (thats what the big box on top is for), but you can use items and equip weapons from it, so at least it works.

The SMG is your starting weapon in FoT. It's automatic, and fires at a high rate, but the bullets are a little weak, and the gun is quite innaccurate. What makes it really cool is its alternate fire: When you hold the right mouse button down for a little while, a laser pointer pops up, and upon release of the button, an "aimed shot" is fired that does way more damage than the primary bullets. It's essentially a "charge shot", but instead of making the gun shoot a bigger bullet or something like that, we make the bullet much more accurate and powerful to simulate aiming for a weak point, such as the head of a zombie. Here's a screeny of the laser pointer in action....

Well, thats all I've got for now, but things are chugging along quite nicely, so check back soon! Peace Out!
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I'd just embed a mzScheme interpreter or something into your console. I had something like that working in Glow for awhile; you could spawn zombies with (new-actor zombie.def 10 10 (spawn-weapon shotgun)).

I think I took it out because I wasn't using it at runtime, just to tweak the game. I wish I had some scripting; probably would've made the game more interesting.

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Even if you don't go for a full-blown scripting language, I think you should at least use sscanf() so you can do more sophisticated parsing than just splitting at commas.

The art is looking really nice. Any chance you could get a little antialiasing on that laser pointer? Or at least some transparency would be nice.

What's the status of the AI?

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If I were planning on making this more than a simple run and gun game, then I would seriously consider putting in a more professional and robust scripting system, but all I really need the console for is simple little commands that make testing new objects easier, so a full scripting system probably isn't going to happen for FoT. And besides, it was kinda fun to make my own little system[wink]

I fixed the laser pointer to be 50% transparent, so it doesn't look as sharp or pixelated anymore, good call[grin]

There isn't an enemy that uses an sort of advanced AI, but all the functionality is in there, Line-of-Sight test, A* pathfinding, etc. I just need to get around to making an enemy that uses them, but thats for my next update.....

Thanks for the comments guys!

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You should probably also change the title of your journal. [smile]

Instead of a scripting system for the new Glow game, I'm simply implementing a system of entities and triggers; the "button" entity is connected to a triggering event, which is connected to a door entity, for example. This is how Half-Life (and to a limited extent Unreal) works.

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