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Short Update

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Jason Z


Busy Busy
I have been trying to get more work done on my SSE optimized vector/matrix classes, but have gotten only a few member functions updated. The ones that I have update seem to have quite a good boost in speed (typically between 15-50% faster), but I just don't have time right now to finish it up.

Actually I found out that one of my proposals was accepted, so my development time will likely be centered around a nice side project for a little while. However, I think once the project is finished I'll wrap up the vector/matrix code, and then move on to a couple of game projects that I have been kicking around. I would still like to pursue a commercial computer graphics product at some point in my career, so I guess I better start scheduling for it now (or it will never happen!)

Anyhow, it will likely take approximately two or three weeks to get back at the assembly optimization. We'll see how accurate that prediction is...

P.S. - Congratulations to Jack Hoxley on finishing his book!
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Well if/when you get time then I'd be very interested in seeing some "before and after" analysis of your optimizations. I've often argued the "micro-optimization is the compilers job" corner before, so if you're getting a 15-20% speed-up that could disprove my argument [grin]

I've said it privately, but: Well done on getting the proposal through. Look forward to reading it in print!

P.S. - Congratulations to Jack Hoxley on finishing his book!
[embarrass] thanks!

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The majority of the optimization is due to using the SSE extensions - performing four operations at once is quite an advantage. I have been thinking about writing something up about the whole experience once I finish it up...

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