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Lol, it's amazing how many people think I don't have a job. Truth is, I've been working every day since last Saturday, I spent Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday there painting (free of charge because I'm good like that), I'm working until Sunday, and I haven't worked less than a 7.5 hours shift (for example I'm working a 9 hour shift today. However, tomorrow and Sunday are only 4.5 and 3.5 hours or something like that.)

I'm done with both Chompy and Blocks Gone Wild. The rest of the Quickie series will be my own ideas, most likely all puzzle games. And yes, they'll all be open source.

I'm going to start designing the first one now, but I've only got 45 minutes before I have to leave for work, so I probably won't get much done.

I'm taking my Invasion banner down so that I can set up a design that I can keep and use for my upcoming projects.

The one up there now isn't staying either, but I don't want to waste any more time on it right now. Need to work on this game's design.
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