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Some good news.

My old company (not the one I've just left, the one before that) have just offered me a month's work doing some freelance-ish marketing for them. Can work from home (telephone, printer ink etc all paid) and will get the same rate they used to pay me, plus complete flexibility to go to interviews etc.

So it's basically bought me a month to find something more permanent. Although at the end of the month, there is potential for some more work. I think they and I are both realising how good we were to work for/employ.

On the downside, I had an interview yesterday. Now, I was promised a call on my mobile my lunchtime with a yes or a no.

Now since I get crap mobile reception at my house, but good reception pretty much everywhere else, and since the girlfriend was at work today, I've basically spent the whole day in town today drinking very expensive coffee waiting for the phone to ring.

Yep, you guessed it - de nada. So probably not good news then. Ah, sod 'em.

At least I've got another month to look now. Kind of like being on your last point of health and grabbing a medikit just before the zombie hits you kind of thing (um, perhaps I should get out more).

[Also...] Good to see GDNet is zippy quick again. I assume thanks to Superpig, since that is generally the case. Back to IE7, and proud.

[And another thing...] What's with all this XACT stuff with XNA? I'm really not happy. My cool .spr format files for storing multiple images in a single file (with, I tell you, alpha information) are a breeze to load onto Texture2D's. I've even written a GUI in .NET for creating them.

But apparently, my .dsb files that store multiple WAV files with string-names in a single file ready to load into a DirectSound buffer are out the window now, and I have to deal with a load of diffent .xgs and .xyomomma files just to play sounds in an XNA application.

For shame. I'm sure there are good technical reasons, but to be fair, I have good "technical" reasons for wanting complete control over the way I load and handle sounds in my games.

Good job I never finish any projects, or I might have a serious complaint.
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