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Data loss.

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So, I'm gradually getting more and more sick of data loss and dodgy drives; while my important projects exist on an SVN machine in the loft it doesn't get around the problem of every day data loss, a fact high lighted by the recent death of a 500gig drive (and the slow failure of one I've been using as a temp drive for my documents, which has caused me to delete a few partions and a few copies of windows I wasn't using in order to shunt things about).

So, my plan is thus;
1) Sent back 500gig to get repaired
2) Buy 2x500gig drives
3) Wait for replacement drive to come
4) Install all 3 drives in RAID-5 array
5) ????
6) Profit! \o/

2x500 gig is going to set me back around GBP140, which is about GBP60 less than a 1TB drive and in a RAID-5 arrangement I should be able to have a 1TB drive with redundancy [grin]

Having mentioned my turret defense game again in IRC today I figure I should make an effort into getting the game logic going at least at some point, even if I am going to put off doing the 3d rendering until Longs Peak is out the door.

On the job front I've heard nowt which I'm taking to be a bad sign [grin]. Not to worry, ETA on results is this thursday, who knows maybe once I have that bit of paper it'll be easier to get someone to pay me to do junk?

In totally random news;
- Our house has a new router box; it's an old machine I had one which I thought had died and apprently hasn't. Aside from the cooler, which draws alot of power, the thing is taking up as little power as I can make it; only a CDROM and USB SD card reader are being used to run the copy if linux on it; config is saved to the SD card on change and then merged back on bootup; saves it running a HD all the time.
- Discovered how to make drive letters point to folders in Vista \o/ I need this for my current mucking about as I'm consoldating a few drives onto one, but for various reasons I want to map two folders to their old drive letters to save me some reconfiguration work [grin]

That's all for now; hopefully in a week or so my HD situation will be sorted and I can get on with things safe in the knowledge that data loss is unlikely...
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