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Quickie #3: Spelunker

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Ok, I've decided to stick with console games for the quickie series and I'm sticking with puzzle style games so that I don't have to worry about pathfinding or AI or anything like that.


You play as Jesse, a young cave explorer. The objective of the game is to make your way through each cave and collect the hidden artifact at the end. Lava, doors, and gaps are all that stand in your way.

There are going to be ten different caves, each of varying depth (between 1 and 3 levels.)

Day 1 started an hour and a half ago, so I need to get to work. Won't have much time to get anything done now because I have to work the morning shift (about 8 and a half hours from now), but I'll have plenty of time after work to get stuff done.

I have plans to do something after the quickie series that *might* be pretty cool. We'll see how it turns out lol.
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