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Using bitmaps, take 2

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This is my next attempt at the engine. In order to save on file size, I am using a single texture (a .png), dynamically creating different shaped and sized sprites, and filling the sprites with the texture. It is mostly working well, except that for some reason, the alpha transparency on the .pngs is being ignored. This is kind of important, as I wanted to use that to break up the otherwise straight edges of the graphics.

I like this example. Each sprite has 25 layers, and they are all of roughly the same dimensions so the parallax effect is more obvious here than in yesterday's example.

After I get the technical issues out of the way I will try this method with things like buildings, walls, and some simple terrain. After that: collision detection.
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Nice! It's hard to notice at first, I think mostly because the ground is not moving at all and that way it doesn't look much like a natural 3D scene, more like an abstract and weird world of sorts :]

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