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Ok well I think im scrapping the entire idea of making the career mode from a system of puzzle solving by buying pipes to solve the level using a simple money system. Instead I though why not make some kind of fast pace matching modes for the career game. So I ended up making these flow charts and I think I like this idea. The best part I think is the fact I don't need to make any levels.

Match 3 - basicly you need to connect 3 or more pipes together to get a "match", then new pipes will drop in to replace them.
Tetris - have to connect a row coming from the water pumps on one side to the cities on the opposite side. Any pipe along the path thats connected will get deleted along as well.

That screen shot is real, but I added some of the gui on top to see what it may end up looking like, but its definitely going to be all on a small map that fits on one 800x600 view.

Time to start cracking the whip and see how this goes.
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