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The truth of life

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club.live.com is a harsh mistress.

Okay, not all that harsh but there's a truism about it that I didn't realize. Looking at the high score tables, the highest scorers all have very close scores (18000-19000 points). I discovered this around the same time that Flexicon told me that I had played all of the puzzles it had available and that I should check back later to see if they'd added more.

So that means that even if you played every game as much as possible, you ain't gonna break 20,000 points right now. So the Zune and the Xbox are currently outta reach.

All is not lost, though. I did notice that a couple of older games have different scores for "best all time scores" and "best scores this week". That means that new puzzles are indeed being added and you'll just have to play all the new puzzles week by week until you get enough for your coveted XBox.

Although you probably shouldn't go for the XBox or Zune, as they're not the best value. The best value is the Vista Ultimate at 6,000 points. New copies of Vista Ultimate are selling for $150-$200 on ebay. That means that if you just spent all your points on Vistas and ebayed 'em, you'd have enough for an XBox or Zune much faster than if you'd earned the points to get one directly.

I wish I'd thought that through when I started. I should've ordered a Vista and ebayed it, thus giving me enough for two wireless joysticks and some leftover cash.

Ahh the wonderful world of playing the metagame - the game that lives outside the game :)
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