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Quick Update

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Haven't worked on Spelunker much today; about an hour combined. Most of my time has gone into updating the console system; adding support for more colors, ignoring the background color when printing text, and adding mouse input.

Spelunker wise, I've got most of the basic systems done. Keys, blocks, water, and doors are in. Next up will be adding artifacts and switches. After I get those in I'm going to finish the map editor and start working on the maps.

Shit, just realized that I need to add the inventory area and the status bar. Anyway, here's a screenshot:


Ok, got artifacts included and the map system all finished. The input routines were screwing things up, so I dropped them. I'll just make the maps in Notepad++. Now I just need to design the maps, which is actually going to be the hardest part.

After this one, I'm done with making console games lol. I'm tired of working within the restrictions (colors limitations, characters, etc.) So, I'm going back to 2D graphics after this, but I'll still be working on the Quickie series.
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