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Woot woot

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The good news just keeps piling in. God damn it, I deserve it though.

So I went to have a meeting with my old boss to discuss this working from home marketing job for a month I journaled about last.

I got there a bit early and it was at his house, so I thought rather than disturb him, I'd sit in my car and have a cigarette.

Next thing, the phone rings and I'm offered the job I interviewed for last week. I'm going in for a taster afternoon today, but assuming they and I are happy at the end of it, the job is basically mine.

Typical. Could have told me Friday. There you go. Watch pot, never boil, as Confusious say.

So went and had a coffee and a good old catch up with my old boss rather than discussing work, which was nice. He still wants to do something with me in the longer term future, but they need field sales really at the moment and living where I do makes that unfeasible really. Most of the industry in the UK is right up north or in Scotland and it is too expensive for a company to pay me to travel.

Anyway, this job I've been offered sounds pretty good. The money is right and I'll be managing a bunch of people so it is a good step forward in terms of my CV.

Despite all the cries of "idiot" I recieved after the calamaity in the last job (not here) it would appear that everything has all worked out.


Always seems to, but I better not push my luck too much further.

Only downside was that I was going to start working on a turn-based strategy game with XNA this afternoon. Actually, I was probably just going to play Deus Ex.

[EDIT] Yep. Half-day all went swimmingly and we're on. Starting properly on Wednesday so only lost two days money this month after all that.

Great stuff.
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