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Monday-like days

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Ever noticed those days after a long weekend (labor day) that aren't mondays, but they feel just as bad. Maybe it was the fact that I was obsesively reading until about 3:00 AM, but it was a looooooooooooooong day. I fell asleep when I got home forgetting that I had a lab at the unversity at 6:30, thank god my mom got home at 6:00, or I would have likely slept through it.

Anyway, lifes goin' good lately. I tallied it all up, and my debt to my parents is now $475.00, much more than I have, but at least possible.I have been studying my ass off for my college Chem class lately. While the class is extremely boring and easy, the tests are supposed to be killers.

I finally fdigured out events in C#, so I finished writing my input class. It is fully functional with the mouse and keyboard, and I am working on the joystick. I can't really seem to get up any motivation to agme program lately. Maybe I am just overscheduled: school everyday, driving my bro to soccer (football) practice 2 times a week, working 20-30 hours a week. Then, with all the extracurricular crap (boy scouts, NHS, Mu Alpha Theta, etc.), that just about finishes the rest of my week. I think I need to do some serious time management.
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