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Finally, I setup a gamedev account. This first entry is going to be a quick presentation.

My name is Christophe CANON. I'm a French artist, a full time indie developer for 18 months, and the co-founder of Frogames, a small game development studio which counts 2 other members : Mathieu (programer) and Sabine (Marketing/promotion).

My job consists of :

- Contracts works. I worked on several projects. Some are a released and public, like Minions of Mirth, TLK demo, Shelled, Maze Runner ... and some are top secret projects, but I'm not going to give any informations about those projects because I don't want to die :)

- Art content packs creation. I made several art content packs for indie developers. The idea is to create valuable packs for reasonable prices. Usually, those packs are used as placeholders by developers, or to create demo (in order to attract additional team members). Take a look at for more informations.

- And of course, game developement. Our first game is going to be release next fall. Penguins Arena is a nervous and refreshing FPS. There is no official informations about this game atm, but we just put the first gameplay video online.
I will post more infos about PA later, but if you liked the video, you're invited to vote for PA at the Intel Contest here.

ok. It's a general portrait. Next time, I will talk about softwares and game engines. From my artist point of view of course :)

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Arr, welcome ab'ard ye swiney shallows-skimmer. Rate plus-plus'ings f'er ye!

(Yes, it's tradition to speak as a pirate when commenting on someone's first post.)

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I've been using your Dungeon Pack for quite some time while doing lots of testing, it's really quite handy (not to mention pretty!).


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Thank you all!

We used to work with TGE atm. UNITY is another engine we are very interested in. In fact, we need a cross platform engine, and a real GAME engine (Graphics API, networking, art pipeline...).
Anyway, I try to make my content packs usable by everybody, but when it comes to characters or complex/rigged elements, it becomes difficult. My next pack (a massive characters pack) is a real challenge because I really want to make it available for any artist package.

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johnhattan <- impressed

Nice looking models. Great texturing. Like the penguin demo too. Was this in any way inspired by Club Penguin?

Oh, and I just experimented on the free house model. . .

Carrara Studio could import the OBJ and the 3DS, but without textures.

Swift3D imported the 3DS just fine with textures.

Cinema 4D imported the 3DS with textures and the OBJ without.

Emotion 3D imported the 3DS with textures (not that it matters because E3D has been discontinued for years).

In conclusion, here is my interpretation of a Bouncy House.

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Welcome. All the stuff looks great, especially the penguin video. Look forward to reading more about this stuff here.

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No, (never heard about Club Penguin before), but it's very interesting :)

Concerning the house model import without texture, is applying the texture again fix the problem? or do you mean you lose th UV map?

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Yeah, I'm sure I could reapply the textures. In each case that there aren't any textures it's the fault of the importing program.

Just thought the info might be useful to someone planning to buy your stuff.

Oh, and are you planning to make any aliens to go with the spaceships? I need some space pirates.

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no, but I have to update the Guardians pack (fix a few problems to make it compatible with UNITY), and my idea is to add 1 or 2 scifi textures for the goblin + a futuristic rifle. 100% free update of course.

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