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You're going to hate me...

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I'm starting over. Completely. I've archived both DFT and Invasion onto CD and deleted them. DFT was way too rushed to be useful or effective. Seriously, I don't even have audio features, my GUI system is half there, and my graphics system is hacked together. Plus the fact that I tried making it too general (so that I could upgrade to 3D games without having to change my engine. Even though I could focus it some and still upgrade to 3D games without much hassle later on.)

Then there's Invasion's engine. Also hacked together lol. The camera has a major twitching problem, there's no ordering for the sprites, the map system is botched because I didn't think ahead, and I think the state system killed my father and raped my mother.

I could go on about both of them, but I'll stop there. I know DFT doesn't need to be, and won't be, perfect, but it should at least be complete before I start using it to make a large project. So, instead I'm going to do what I just did with the Quickie series; I'm going to make smaller games and build my way up to a larger project. Also, I'm taking pretty much the same route. Here's the plan:
Chompy - Get the framework's base done (state system and such.)
Blocks Gone Wild - Testing and filling in what's needed.
Spelunker - More advanced; will require a map editor, scripted scenes, etc. This will have stupid AI (for example, bats that go back and forth, reversing their direction when they hit something.)
Zombies - Will add scripted AI.
RPG demo - A small, incomplete RPG.
Invasion: Fall of Man
Project Asrion
Project Lockdown - Will put the networking module to use.

Rewriting DFT is going to take a lot longer though, as I'm going to be adding an audio module (via Ogg) which I don't have much experience with, and I'm going to be adding a networking module (will take the longest, as I have absolutely no experience with networking. Any info, pointers, or anything of that sort would be greatly appreciated.) It'll also take longer because I plan to take more time on it. I always rush through writing my game code and I regret it later on.

None of the above is set in stone though. I'm really thinking about switching to doing 3D games. It's not that I don't love 2D games or anything, but 3D freedom is something that I love and it adds a lot to games. I don't know though, we'll see.

Anyway, I have to work two shifts tomorrow (9am to 11pm), so I need to get some sleep. Any input, for or against, is welcome. And I really want to stress that I'm not giving up nor dropping Invasion; it will be finished. It's just going to take a lot longer now.
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