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I added the level select and custom level select to the title screen, which works fine...well mostly. The main problem is that when any level is loaded, the level starts by displaying the name of the game's first level. Another problem is that money can be collected on custom levels, meaning that someone could just fill a level with cash so they can get all the shop stuff.

So the best solution is to create a different gamestate for Custom levels, which does not display the usual title and completion screen, and also doesn't allow the player to collect money.

Since Blocky Man is nearing completion, I'll probably get my next game project started while I'm finishing Blocky Man. The concept is basically to do a side scrolling beat-em-up like streets of rage. The current title is "Fists of Justice", and yes it's supposed to corny[grin]

Then again, if I like the elements in 4E6, I might enter that instead.
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Thanks! It was my first choice for the title, and even if it had been already taken, I probably would have used it anyway[grin]

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