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Well seeing as I can't fucking stick to one plan, I've made a slight change of plans. I'm going to hold off on writing the networking module until I get to Project Lockdown. I'm also adding a project, The Forge, which will come before Invasion. Then, I'm moving Project Lockdown up a slot; so it goes The Forge, Invasion, Lockdown, then Asrion. Recap:
Blocks Gone Wild
The Forge
RPG demo
Project Invasion
Project Lockdown
Project Asrion

Long way to go before I'm even close to starting the good projects. I need to get all of my modules recoded; almost finished with the debugging, data types, and file system.

Before I go any deeper though, I'm designing out every detail of the games above. I started thinking about one of the games and I realized that I hadn't even planned on writing a particle system and I could really use one. Good thing I have tons of pads of paper laying around.

Anyway, sleep time!
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