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So, a day earlier than expected my degree results turn up, containing both Good News Everyone! and Bad News Everyone!

On the Good News front my final year project was rated at a 1-, which means it cleared 70% but was below 80%; given the amount of effort I didn't put in I'm happy with that [grin]
Also, the 2D and 3D graphics module came back as a 2:2= which means I don't have to resubmit the pos second assignment again [grin][grin]

However, the Bad News is I appear to have screwed up my 2nd Design of Intelligent Systems assignment, leading to a refereral there; opps!

Net result is I need to resubmit that work for August 20th to be re-evaulated in September; however I've no idea how that changes when I get my degree [oh] It could infact defer the whole degree until next year, heh, which will be different; it also means my degree would probably be from Suffolk University.

So, yeah, some fix up work and I might well need to find something todo to kill a year before I've offically got a degree... such is life [smile]

Hey, at least I didn't fail, heh
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Congrats [smile]

I think most universities have a winter graduation as well as the usual summer one - so if they do delay your classification it shouldn't be for as long as a year!


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