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What a night

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I cannot say that I had a good night. Not really. My son (3 months old) has decided not to sleep and to cry instead. So, since my wife starts working again today, I decided to keep him with me when working on my project. After all, it took me 45 minutes to bring him to sleep. So I could work until midnight (~2 hours) before going to bed. And then hell started to crawl into my bedroom !

@0:45 my son decided that is was crying time again. Appearently he had some problems to digest what he has drunk the evening before. So my wife decided to put a warm towel on his belly which seemed to calm him. BTW I could sleep before 0:45 either because I had some problems deconnecting from work.

@1:15 we were finally in bed. son is sleeping. ssshhhht !

@3:00 sunnyboy decided it was eating time again. Normally this takes 20 minutes in absolute calm... tonight it was drink, cry, drink, cry, drink, burps, cry.

@3:40 we finally fell back into the bed a small wimper coming from my sons bed.

@5:20 he cries again ! Argh ! My wife now starts to get upset and mumbles something like "If you don't want us to sleep this night, you're gonna see the result tomorrow night. You won't sleep one minute !" Well... She's not serious about this... At least I hope so... My sons problem was a very loud burps !

@5:40 we are in bed again.

@6:30 the buzzer makes his annoying sound. Time to get up (already ?!?). Get up my daughter (3 years old; "I love you so much, daddy.") and put the dog outside so he can take a p... well...

@7:00 My wife gets into my sons room to wake him up. Nothing to do. He sleeps and won't open an eye. Not even when she changes his diapers. Little devil !

I'm happy... at least I had ~3 hours of sleep.

So... what did I do yesterday evening. Since I have decided on what I will work next, I have worked out some classes I need for that game.

I want the game to be moddable and internet playable, so I have first created a center point for the game. I've called this center point "CmdMachine" (Command Machine). Basically it's a command message mapper : You can register a function that is executed when a given message (string) is passed into the command machine. This enables me to add message handlers that come from within a DLL or so. I still have to think more precisely about the execute function of the command machine. I currently have no clear idea how I can link the command machine to the network. There must be an instance who decides which messages are sent to the other players. The command machine seems to be appropriate for this. But since I don't really want to pass an information triple (playerID, msg, data) to the execute function (only msg and data), I have to think about how to manage this.

A second thing I implemented is the playermanager and the player class.

First the player : Basically (for now) this is just an identifier which has a type (human, network, ai) and a bunch of parameters (which are not yet defined, I have some parameter classes where I can store string and value parameters). The base class (CPlayer) is used for the human players. There will be derivations for the AI player and for the network players.

The playermanager manages the players. Basically you have some functions to create a new player (by type), iterate through the player, get a player by index or by ID and remove players. I need this class because I easily want to access the player from anywhere within the game. The playermanager could ie. be used within the command machine to determine to whom send the current information via INet.
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