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Comfort is everything

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Ok I can offically say I am back to whatever normal is. Here is to hoping that the universe doesnt hear me :)

Anyway, I am ready to speed things up a bit and knock out this 2D engine. What I would like to do is get it finished, make at least two clones and then move onward to 3D.

There was one dilema that I had not quite dealt with yet. Currently, I was in the need of a new chair. Now let me tell you, a chair can mean the difference in production time. The wrong chair can make you fall asleep at the computer or worse...cause you so much pain that you dread sitting in it.

Well, since I figured I am finally back and plan to spend a considerable amount of time getting back up speed. I went out today and plunked down some cash on a really nice "Captian's Chair"...of course I told the wife it was cheaper than what it was.

All, I can say is that regardless of what happens now, it is a sure bet that I will be comfortable.

Below is the exact chair I bought...yes it is comfortable as it looks[embarrass]

Picards Chair
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