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Sometimes I just wish my parent's wouldn't of forced me into getting a job, it really destroys possible coding time.

I believe Cade's been busy with a few personal assignments himself, but I'm not quite sure on what. Progress on Project RiL has slowed a bit. I've been having issues with the SVN server and Trac(I believe they are directly linked together). I can't login, commit, update..nothing. Cade is aware of this and I don't wanna push him with fixing it, but I'm sure he'll get to it.

While that's going on I've been slowly...really slowly working on a small project of my own, more specifically a top-down zombie shooter. I got the idea from Programmer 16 and it's currently in VERY early stages. I've been basing a lot of it on Cade's engine, he doesn't seem to mind...much. I've only been able to put in about 20-30 minutes every other day on it, so don't expect anything soon. I've named it Kill Shit. It's simple and to the point ;)

Here's an old video, it's at least 2 weeks old but it shows the basic GUI: Kill Shit: Early GUI Test

Hopefully this job will be a little less demanding on my pea-brain so I can get a little more done at a time.
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