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I'm officially off of the Project RiL Team. I understand why I'm removed, but I just wish I could of been confronted earlier so it didn't have to turn out like this.

I don't want anyone to think I hold any grudges against anyone, because I don't. Communication was one of the problems, the second was me having a job which consumed much of my coding time. I didn't think Project RiL team was to have a business like etiquette. I expected it to be more of a small group of friends who work on a game project together. I didn't think there was grounds for removal, but hey..what can you do?

I probably won't make much posts anymore related to Project RiL, but who knows. Cade says I might be able to work on some smaller portions, like tools, etc, but I don't know if that will happen.

As a result of this I will likely be restarting my zombie shooter(Kill Shit) as it contained bit's of Cade's engine code here and there and filtering through all that code is pointless considering I re-factored the crap out of it to meet with industry standards(I used FxCop for this) and differentiating my code from his and mine would be a pain. So yea..disregard my previous post on Kill Shit.

So yea, I'm still part of O.E. just not the Project RiL team.

What's next? I've gotta find some motivation to continue making Kill Shit. I'll likely start doing some small freelance projects on, keyword small. I want another coding buddy ;(

Edit: Had to change some things. Now for the question of the you guys think I suck at writing? Do I accurately convey my points and feelings across. I've always thought I sucked at writing, but I'd like to get some constructive criticism from some of you guys/gals. Thanks!
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