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x87 FPU Design

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Jason Z


x87 FPU
A few posts ago, I mentioned that the x87 FPU registers were arranged as a stack instead of the random access registers from the x86 integer area. It didn't make sense to me at first, but now I realize why they did that - when a mathematic expression is in postfix notation, typically the processing of it is done with a stack. That is one of the basic reasons that postfix is used, and frankly I am a little ashamed that I didn't already think of that one...[looksaround]

Other News
I have seen a couple of DX10 laptops floating around, and they weren't all that expensive. I have been fighting to get some development work done on my desktop, but I rarely have time at home to do anything (most free time is at lunch or in between projects at work). So it may be coming time soon to get a laptop!

Also, the proposal work is coming along nicely. I am actually ahead of my original schedule, and am looking to finish in approximately two weeks. Then it will be back to all of my normal projects again.

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