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New job seems to be going okay. All a bit new at the moment but have been making some good progress on the phone. Need to get up to scratch pretty soon since I'll be recruiting some phone staff next week and really need to at least sound like I know what I'm talking about by then.

Dev-wise, I started messing about with Blender last night. I was playing with the chasing camera example from the XNA Creators Club and sort of thought it might be fun to write a daft little spaceship game in XNA (given that I could base a lot of it on that example code).

But of course then you need 3D models.

I'm not going to embarass myself by posting any pictures of my "progress", but suffice to say that I reckon Blender is one of those things that takes a long time to learn, but when it clicks I reckon it is ace.

Long way off that though. Anyone know how you rotate an object around its own centre? I couldn't figure out how to move that big blue dot thing with the green and red arrows for my life.

I did successfully save my "model" (loosely using the term) and open it in one of the D3D sample applications though.

Off out for a rather nice meal tonight with the other half so shall probably be a bit squiffy by later on.

Sorry about the complete lack of any recent images to brighten up my journal. Hopefully be some very dodgy spaceship models to post soon.
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