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The lost 3 months...

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Mike Bossy


So as my previous post hinted at my last 3-6 months has been spent becoming a parent. I was totally naive in my thought that my life wouldn't be turned totally upside down by having a kid. I knew things were going to change but I just didn't know how much.

Surprisingly I kept things pretty much together for the first 3 months or so, then things started to fall apart. A combination of lack of sleep and the reality of new found responsibilities sent me for a loop. Luckily at just that time I took my 4 weeks off of work for paternity leave. It was the best thing that could have happened. I totally unplugged from work and the rest of the world to spend 4 weeks just hanging out with my wife and son. Not only was this relaxing, it was also refreshing. It helped me to really open my eyes and see what was important to me. Sometimes you need to just slow down in life. This was my time to do that.

My break included time off from gamedev project work. This also ended up being a good thing. I had been working on stuff for a good 15 months straight without any real breaks and it was starting to show. I just didn't have the same kind of drive or motivation any more. When that starts to be the case the remedy is some time off. The good news is that the drive and motivation are back again. I'll be updating what I'm working on in an upcoming post.
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