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Prinz Eugn


I'm still here, just wanted to let everybody know. It's pretty late now, I was supposed to be driving over to our new house, which is about an hour away, only to find that I'm almost outta gas and had little money and that I was probably too tired to drive anyway( and I haven't driven there before). So now I'm back here at home and I can put a short-ish journal entry up -I've been meaning to for long time.

B-3 Rainbow

So this is one of the bigger things I've done, as opposed to the relatively tiny FoT/Lab 81 stuff(see Sir Sapo's journal).

First: the MS Paint version...

[let's see if I can steal some bandwidth from deviant art for these]

This is the B-3, made kinda for Angels 22. It's supposed to be the successor to the B-2 Spirit, as Angels 22 is set in the future. I named it the "Rainbow" to go along with the B-2's "Spirit" nickname, because both "Spirit" and "Rainbow" are names that a 7-year old girl would give to a pony. Seriously, who thought of naming the B-2, which looks like the goddamn batjet and is purpose-built for nuclear destruction, the "Spirit"?

I started to draw this after reading a Defense News article about the future bomber program, and how pilots were wanting a faster airplane (the B-2 is subsonic, it can't go faster than the speed of sound). "Hmm..." I thought, "what would a bomber like that look like?"

In addition the MS Paint version, I messed with it in the Photoshops to produce a version that was colored and better shaded:


Angels 22???????

Well, Sir Sapo and I have decided to continue working on Angels 22, but in a different direction than we originally planned in 1987(or at least it feels that way).

We are just burnt out on working on it as it stands; it's pretty much that middle-of-the-journey, no-end-in-site feeling -and for longer than it should be. Just adding simple features has become a pain in the ass, according to Sapo, and there's still alot of random stuff that needs to be done, like all the bosses and special scripted events. So we're gonna shift the paradigm, so to speak.

Angels 22 reborn will be multiplayer, much like Dogfight Online from a while back. It will use the same content, airplane gameplay, and be set in the same universe, but will lack a campaign and much of the air-to-ground aspect. It will be re-coded from the ground up, of course, that's the big thing. The main mode of play will be multiplayer games between fleets of fighters split between NATO and Neo-Soviet teams. I'm hoping it'll be kinda like Soldat, but with jets.

I like the idea of making some of the cooler singe-player campaign moments multiplayer, like having one side defend a giant rocket base while the other side tries to destroy it, or having a map where the space between opposing airfields is periodically swiped by space-based lasers.

But until we get started on this, we're gonna finish FoT pretty quickly(and test some multiplayer functionality prehaps).

Ok, so there's more stuff, but let me save a little bit for tomorrow...

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Hmm. I'll try to withhold judgement on A22's new direction until after it's been released, but I have to say that I don't think I like the new plan as good as the old one. That said, I can certainly relate to Sir Sapo's situation, and desire to change directions. Multiplayer is certainly an interesting direction to move in, as well, but unless Sir Sapo has prior experience with networking (and I seem to recall him mentioning that he doesn't), it may prove to be a painful experience.

The art, however, looks great. I think I personally prefer the MS Paint version over the photoshop version, just because it has a slightly more "nostalgic" feel, but they're both great.

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Yeah, the problem with A22 as it stands is that the project has been going on for so long, that all the new code must conform to what I was doing half a year ago, and I've learned a whole lot about coding since then. The project is over 50,000 lines(!), and adding new features, as Mark pointed out has become a huge pain. Hopefully, the rewrite won't take long at all because we are eliminating a ton of pure singleplayer features such as our complex scripting stuff, cutscenes, etc. As for me not having any networking experience, I'm not entirely clueless on how it all works, one of our older projects (the space strategy game) had working netplay. The plan right now is to make FoT multiplayer and to use the experience gained by that in order to make the new A22 work.

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Might I suggest that instead of rewriting/retooling A22, you take some time after FoT to clean up, update, and simplify the A22 codebase so that adding new stuff is no longer a pain? I can only speak for myself, but a periodic cleanup of existing code is a great way to get development back on track (and it just might let you beat the nigh-infinite masses who keep giving up on projects)

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The problem with A22 isn't only that the code is unmanageable, the sheer amount of work that would be required to create all the content for the game is immense. One of the key features of FoT is random generation of content, which allows us to steer clear of the huge amounts of levels that we would be required to make. That, and if I were to fix up the old A22 code, I would pretty much have to rewrite everything again because it's so messy, so I might as well start anew!

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