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Holy Sheet Batman!

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It's a sprite-sheet editor.

Been doing some dev, but not on the game engine. I've been learning C#, XNA and .Net over the past few weeks/months, so I decided to do some experimenting to make a spritesheet editor in .Net to get more familiar with windows forms (no XNA involved, that's in the game/game editor). To be honest, it's been a blast. Windows forms gets my vote for the "it just works" award. You design your forms in the editor, attach events/datasources/whatever and it all just plugs in seamlessly [smile]. Well, almost seamlessly. Having come from a MFC and Cpp background (no VB), this has been as plug-and-play as I've even encountered in a non-trivial coding environment. I don't like tooting Microsoft's horn, but they've done a fantastic job.

Initially, I just thought I'd keep it simple and safe and have a small app where you type the pixel coordinates of the array of sprites into some text boxes and save to a file. But wanting to learn a bit more about .Net (and being impressed with how easy it has been so far) I thought I'd try and knock up a more feature-full editor. And here it is (so far):
First screenie in a while.
Please ignore the ugly pixel-art. It's a sprite sheet from an old 2D RTS I was muddlin' with in ages past. As for features, it displays the image in the viewing window, displays all of the bounding rectangles for sprites currently allocated (I only allocated a few for demo purposes above), allows for adding, deleting and renaming of sprites, allows changing of sprite rectangle properties (using a DataGridView), automatically "wraps" new sprites to the next line if they go over the edge of the sheet (the new command adds a sprite that's the same size as the currently selected sprite, to the right of it). No saving or loading of sprite data yet, but from my cursory look at serialization, this shouldn't be too big an issue. There's just one or two more controls and sprite-rectangle editing using mouse-clicks to complete (as well as serialization) and the app will be finished for my purposes.

Another nicety is that I've been able to put all of the sprite-management classes into a .Net dll so all I have to do in my game/editor app is include the dll and I'm ready to roll with sprites.

All-in-all, I'm pretty pleased with how things are rolling at the moment [grin]. Been nutting out some gameplay concepts in my head. I'll probably elaborate on them more later.
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