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Summer Time - Design Part 3 errr.. 4

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Among many things, I believe that it is the capacity for human beings to survive our own mistakes. The future holds so many possibilities that it is mind shattering to ponder what may lye a head. For centuries we have squandered our every want and desire upon this planet, taking it for granted as if it were merely another loved one, showing once and for all we truly do hurt those that we love the most.The eons that await , on the long road a head, will no doubt hold some great strand of adversity. As we branch out among the stars we can only hope that the rest of the universe is as accepting and loving as our own mother earth.

This is the same trial that awaits in the world of wrath of the scarecrow, except that a search for the knowledge to save the planet leads to much more then ever expected. Revisiting ideas of the current, past, and future are all we seem to know. That impending doom that awaits for us all and every living creature, and then, BAM, I hit it with the spice weasel. Change is the only constant and this is what moves the atmosphere, the planet, the energy in us all. Finding these things within a contextual frame that challenges you to realize these things is what the design is striving to do. It is what is at the heart of the story line.

The different realms that await are but a constant evolutionary struggle, to over come, to survive. This is also a main concept, evolution. Through out the saga that will become, the player will take on many forms. Allowing them to gain knowledge and be able to overcome obstacles more easily as they advance through the game(S). By learning about the different lore and cultures the player will be able to understand the puzzles that will be related to ascending a cosmic ladder that will eventually lead to more evolutionary states. This will take the player into different time lines and planes of existence. Ideally, the path that the player will take will be different enough that each player will have a unique experience, their path being determined by their decisions as well as the management of their physical and cosmic energy,resources, and how they use their time.

Time is the best representation for change that man has been able to catalog. The time management system is designed simply to script NPCs to move throughout the world with their own motives and ambitions. This includes divine creatures, as well. The idea is to simply have a system that keeps track of a small amount of numerical representations for each individual creature and update a series of variables for every few frames. Having a flag set also for when they are ready for an update. This will allow for the some characters to pause as others seem to think and respond alternating updates proportionately to the number of npcs represented. Multi-threading will probably have to be employed for such a system and as of now, this will require some more research on my part as I've only had limited experience with multi-threading at this point.

So, some random summer time fun is on the way, I'd just thought I'd take a moment to jot some ideas down for later. As I get back to the festivities at hand, I hope everyone is having as great of a summer as I am, or winter, where ever you are.
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