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Missile(?) Command

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I've been playing Missile Command on XBLA.

One thing bothers me, though:

Where ARE the missiles?

The enemies are like these fireball things.
When I shoot, I shoot these weird lightning bolts.

How can it be "Missile Command" without any actual missiles?

Personally, the lightning is stupid - in the original, the missiles launched at a certain speed, and you could get a really good feel for how fast they were getting to where they needed to go. In the new version, the lighting charges, sure, but you can't see how close it is to actually going off. I think that's a step BACK from the original's gameplay.

Oh well, I'm still playing it. :)

PS - I hate the smart bombs.
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The thing I like most about Missile Command was the Cold War overtones and the whole futility of defending your cities from missile armageddon; eventually your defenses will fail and they're all going die. I haven't seen the XBLA version but I suspect it doesn't have that same feeling with fireballs and lightning bolts.

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Yeah, not so much.

Now I think it's "defend your cities using lightning bolts from evil alien-launched fireballs" or something, I'm not entirely sure.

Definitely doesn't feel cold-war-ish. Too bad. I wish they'd at least kept some missiles.

THAT SAID: They do have the original as part of the package, and it still plays the same (with a joystick instead of a trackball, but it works). And it has the same cold-war futility feeling that you remember. As soon as it started tallying up my cities, I was like "WOW, I remember that sound effect!"

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